LovEarth Yoga Mats

Aurora Yoga is a stockist of LovEarth 4mm Yoga mats. LovEarth mats are made from natural tree rubber and jute. They are fully biodegradable, non slip and made without toxins. They come in an organic cotton carry bag. One of the greatest advantages of these mats is the ease in caring for them. The mats can be sponged using Eucalyptus Wool Wash or sprayed with 50% water / 50% apple cider vinegar or 50% tea tree and then dried in the shade. Even after years of use and washing, LovEarth Yoga mats continue to look and feel good. When they finally get too old, they can be composted or returned for composting. The 4mm natural mat is $97 and the 4mm mat coloured with Binchotan charcoal (purifying and clean) is $108.

Please contact Alicia on 0419 269 993 or by email for pick up details.

LovEarth yoga mats at Aurorayoga
LovEarth mats at Aurora Yoga