Lennox Head Yoga and Pilates

Lennox Head Yoga and Pilates

Online Classes only from 27 June 2021 until further notice

Alicia teaches Yoga and Pilates at the Lennox Head Scout Hall, in addition to offering an online class. 

Aurora Yoga is a registered COVID Safe business. Should you have even the mildest symptoms of a cold or otherwise feel unwell, please do not attend the Scout Hall classes but rather, consider the online option. Please check-in using the Services NSW App as you enter. Classes are strictly limited with only registered clients welcome.

Private Yoga and Yoga Therapy sessions; workshops; and short courses are also provided face to face or through a live, interactive, online format via Zoom. To register your interest and receive further details, please contact Alicia by email or Contact Us.  


Aurora Yoga offers breath focused Yoga and Pilates. All levels are welcome from beginner to more experienced practitioners.


Dynamic class linking movement to the breath and suitable for those with an understanding of the fundamentals of Yoga and/or with a regular practice. Class concludes with a lengthy Savasana and may include pranayama, sound and meditation.

Energising class aimed at developing strength; improving mobility, flexibility and balance; and enhancing relaxation. Suitable for intermediate level practitioners.

A practice suitable for all levels consisting of gentle movement and restorative poses, meditation and guided relaxation. Includes the use of props (blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters or substitutes from around the home) in order to facilitate release in the body and calming of the mind.

A slow moving / stretch practice which includes meditation and guided relaxation. All levels class and therefore suitable for beginners. A great class to compliment other more challenging activities. May use blocks, blankets, straps or substitutes you may have around the home.

Fundamental mat Pilates suitable for all levels as modifications are provided.